When choosing to smoke your favorite foods, the Weber smokey mountain 18.5 inch smoker is an exceptional option to consider purchasing. Not only can purchasers rely on the great quality and brand name of Weber grills, but they will also find the solid construction, the great look, and the added features to this smoker, make it one which will surely offer great tasting smoked foods. No matter what meat or dish you want to have smoked, the Weber smokey mountain 18.5 inch smoker is going to offer quick cook times due to the temperature settings, and a great tasting meal due to the interior cook features which have been added to this cooker.

The exterior design of the smoker features a porcelain enameled lid and bowl. It is covered with premium US steel, and features a porcelain enameled coating on the inside and outside of the smoker. This makes for a clean looking smoker, as well as a design style which will not be prone to burning the exterior of the smoker, or damaging it, no matter what temperatures the user is cooking at. Additionally, the handle at the top of the smoker makes for easy lifting, and eliminates the potential for injury or burning your hands, when you wish to open the smoker to check on the cooking process.

There is also an easy to open aluminum fuel door. It features rust resistant aluminum materials, with a know to turn the door when you need to add additional fuel to the cooker. This makes opening and closing the door easy, and the heat resistant and rust resistant aluminum material, makes for a great contrast to the all black exterior of the Weber smoker. The twist of a knob makes for ease of access to the fuel source, every time you need to re-fuel, or empty out the smoker after each use.

The Weber smokey mountain 18.5 inch smoker also features a heavy duty cooking grate on the interior. There are two cooking grates located right on top of one another, which can be adjusted in order to fit the foods you are going to smoke. The 18.5 inch grates are made with a heavy duty, plated steel material, and the space on the inside of the smoker leaves enough room to smoke any size meat you are going to be cooking in the smoker. So, you can smoke two different meats at once, and you can ensure an even cooking temperature, since the interior of the smoker evenly distributes the heat which is being produced while cooking the meats.

The Weber smoker also includes a drip pan or water pan, which is located inside of the steamer in order to catch any drippings while you are smoking the meat. The water pan is also made with high quality porcelain enameled materials which the exterior of the smoker is also made of. The water pan can also be used to add water in to the smoker, in order to distribute the heat in a certain manner, and to ensure the meats that are being smoked are going to remain moist on the inside, and the meats you are smoking are also going to be tender once you have finished the smoking process.

Another great feature of the Weber smokey mountain 18.5 inch smoker is the built in thermostat. It features a hard plastic covering the exterior, and is centrally located near the top handle of the smoker. It features a durable construction quality, and is built in to the smoker, in order to ensure a quick and accurate reading of the internal temperature, in order for you to keep track of the temperature you are at, while smoking any meat. Additionally, if the temperature is too high or low, it can easily be adjusted in order to reach the desired temperature for the perfect smoke, no matter how you want the meat to be cooked.

For those who are looking for a great quality smoker, solid construction and design, and a clean exterior and interior finish, Weber is a great brand to consider. It has a clean design, great quality and construction, and purchasers can be rest assured that they are going to love all foods which are smoked in their new Weber 18.5 inch smoker. So, when choosing a new smoker, for a great cooking and smoking experience, the Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5 Inch Smoker is the ultimate choice to consider for purchase.