Spicy Pepper Smoked Summer Sausage Recipe

Prep Time: 48 hours

Cook Time: 6-8 hours

Author: Kwin Wilkinson


2 lbs ground beef (For best results use 85/15 – we have also used 93/7 but it ends up a tad bit drier)
3 Teaspoons curing salt 1.5 teaspoons per pound (Morton Tenderquick)
3 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 Tablespoon freshly cracked black pepper
2 Teaspoons whole mustard seed
1-3 Teaspoons red pepper flakes (Depends how hot you want it to be)
1 Teaspoon whole black peppercorns
A few tablespoons honey



Mix everything but the honey together in a bowl, make sure everything is as evenly mixed as possible. Place in the refrigerator for 24 hours to let it cure.

After 24 hours pull the mixture out of the refrigerator and form it into 1 pound logs, roll out all the air pockets. Seal it up in plastic wrap and tie the ends to keep out the air and help form the “summer sausage” look.

At 48 hours, pull the logs out of the refrigerator and lather them up with honey on all sides. Then go start the smoker.

This summer sausage can be smoked with just about any wood or pellets and it turns out great. We typically use hickory or oak but have also used apple and cherry with great results.

Start the Traeger with the lid open on the smoke setting for 5 mins to get it lit. Then take the summer sausage and place it on the smoker and smoke it on the smoke setting for 3-4 hours (@ 130-150 degrees).

You want the sausage to come up to 170 degree internal temperature when its done. Now depending on how smokey you like your sausage will determine how long you leave it on the smoke setting. When you feel you have enough smoke (no less than 3 hours) you can turn the temperature up to 180 degree to finish cooking and to reach that 170 degrees. We have smoked these in 1 lb logs for 7-8 hours until turning the temp up to 180 to finish them off. They weren’t to smokey at all and turned out fantastic, you’ll just need to play with the times to get what you like as a end product but really you can’t go wrong. This stuff is AWESOME!