Pulled Pork from a Pork butt or shoulder may be one of the most satisfying cuts of meat to smoke!  Due to its size and extensive marbling, it is nearly impossible to ruin this cut on the smoker.  Add a great rub and some of our smoking tips and you will be serving championship quality pulled pork at your next get together!

1. Select your Pork butt by quality, freshness, size,  price, marbling, and by your preference on how much fat you like remaining on the fat cap.

We prefer to use Bone in Pork butts but this is just a preference.

2. Trim  off the fat cap and large chunks of fat off of the pork butt.  By doing this you will retain more of the bark on the outside of the butt.  There is plenty of marbling  in this cut of meat so taking some larger pieces off the outermost portion will not hurt the final product.  You may now inject the pork butt if you prefer.  We use a apple juice and rub mixture and inject from the top side only to help retain the injection.

3. Rub the entire roast liberally with yellow mustard.

4. Apply Mt Saint Helens Ash or your choice of rub liberally to the entire outside surface of the pork butt.  Do not be afraid to put too much on.  This outer bark will be mixed in well with the rest of the meat when it is pulled to add smokiness and flavor from the rub.

5. Place the shoulder onto the smoker at about 225 to 250 degrees.  This will be a longer smoke so prepping the smoker using the Minion method if you are using Weber Smokey Mountain Setup will usually allow for enough cooking time from your smoker.  We love using Hickory or a Hickory/Apple or Hickory/Cherry mix on our wood.   Experiment to find what type of wood you like.

6. Cooking time will be about 1-1/2 to 2 hours per pound based on the trimmed weight.  We like to estimate the halftime mark and at that point spray the roast with apple juice, apply rub as needed to make the bark “pretty” and then rotate and flip your pork butt.  Spray and apply more rub to this side as well.  You make want to add your thermometer at this time to be able to start monitoring your pork butt.  We like to spray the meat about every hour from this point until the internal temperature reaches 195. 

7.Once you have reached the 195 mark, pull the butt from the smoker and wrap in several layers of Aluminum Foil.  You want to let the pork butt rest for at least an hour but several hours if you have the time.  Placing the pork butt rapped in foil, then wrapped on several towels and place into an ice chest.  This will keep the meat very hot for many hours until you are ready to pull the pork.