Marverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer set comes with two probe thermometer, one is inserted in the meat and the other monitors the temperatures of the grill. It has a receiver and a transmitter and you can move with the receiver to a distance of up to 300 feet.

The receiver has a built in stand that so that you can mount it and also a belt clip. The receiver’s LCD has a back light so you can use it even at night.This small but vital gadget is changing how cooking is done by making it easier to track meat temperatures. The transmitter has a removable wire probe that can be used as a hanger.

So you are having guests over for a meal, you need to multitask and at the end of the day put a decent meal on the table ? Well, Maverick Wireless Thermometer is what you need. With Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer you can set the timer and forget about the meat while it cooks! You can put meat in the grill, set the temparature you want and go about your duties and when the meat is ready or the temparatures have exceeded the set range it will beep.

Maverick ET-732 Wireless thermometer is programmed in such a way that it can detect the internal temperature of meat from a distance upto 300 feet away so you dont have to keep on going to check on the meat as long as you have the wireless receiver at your sight. So yes, you can catch a game, drink a beer,take a bath, do dishes or just sit back and relax as your meat cooks!

Its small and portable so that you can move around with it in your pocket. When you are past the 300 distance limit or the radio frequency has been lost, it beeps and flahes to alert you. It can also be mounted on its built in stand so you can be working on something else and still keep track the temperature of the meat. It can also be used in ovens and smokers making it an ideal kitchen gadget to have.

It beeps and flashes to warn you if the temparatures become too high or too low and also if you need to add charcoal, this saves you the embarassment of serving meat that is either undercooked or overcooked so you can now cook meat to perfection!It displays temparatures of upto 572F! It also stores you meat,barbecue and timer details even when the unit is off.

The food probe can be inserted upto 6” in meat therefore reducing the chance of having meat that is undercooked especcially if your cooking thick pieces of meat. The food probe has a high temperature rating and can withstand heat upto 716F thus the chances of the probe shorting are quite minimal.

The Wireless BBQ Thermometer is very eaasy to use. You insert the probe into the meat, clip the other probe to the grill and close the door and you are set. Its very effective and reliable so you don’t have to constantly check on the meat and you can make a barbecue better than most restaurants at the comfort of your home!

It also has this amazing feature where you can use the count up or count down timer depending on what you like.Its thermometer reading are very accurate so you dont have to worry about wrong readings. You can get the readings very fast. For great ribs, roasts, chicken, pork or any other meat; Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer helps you produce the results.

Apart from the great features and items that comes with the set it is also very affordable.Maverick produces high quality products so you dont have to worry about the production standards of the thermometer.You can order it online on their website where they have great technical support who address any questions or problems very professionally.It is also water proof so you dont have to worry about a little rain.

If you are looking for a great Wireless BBQ thermometer, then Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer is the gadget to have! With it,you don’t have to keep guessing whether your meat is done, you know when your meat is done! Cooking just became easier and less tideous with the Marverick BBQ Wireless Thermometer!