How To Smoke St Louis Spare Ribs

St Louis Spare Ribs Done

Start by buying good quality St Louis Spare Ribs! We’ve found most grocery stores have good quality however Costco is our preferred source for most meats.

St Louis Spare Ribs Pakcage

First, take them out of the package and give them a quick rinse in cold water to remove excess blood

St Louis Spare Ribs open

Most St Louis Spare Ribs have a thin film on the underside that needs to be removed. Using a paper towel and a butter knife lift the film and grab, pulling in an upward slow motion you should be able to get it all off at once.

St Louis Spare Ribs removing film

Then apply mustard as shown, I know it might seem strange the first time you do this but mustard creates the bark and helps the rub stick to the ribs. Your ribs won’t taste of mustard at ALL!

St Louis Spare Ribs Mustard

St Louis Spare Ribs Mustard Rubbed

Apply your rub! The best rub we’ve found to use is – Mt Saint Helen’s Ash – All Purpose Smoking Rub

St Louis Spare Ribs Rib Rubbed

Next light your smoker bring the temp up to 225 degrees. For wood we like to use 50% hickory 25% apple 25% cherry. Then place the ribs on the smoker, don’t let your ribs touch or get to close to the sides of the smoker or they will burn. The Weber 22.5 you won’t need to cut most ribs in half but, on the 18.5 you will need to cut them down or they will burn.

St Louis Spare Ribs on the WSM

Let them smoke for 3 hours

St Louis Spare Ribs Crutching

After 3 hours pull the St Louis Spare Ribs off the smoker and crutch the ribs by wrapping them in tin foil. Pour some apple juice, root beer or other liquid in the bottom of the tin foil so the ribs can steam this process makes the ribs tender fall off the bone. You will place them back on the smoker for 1.5 hours 100% sealed in the tin foil.

After the crutching is complete place them on a BBQ at 400 degrees and sop with your favorite BBQ sauce then top with 100% maple syrup!

St Louis Spare Ribs Sauce

St Louis Spare Ribs Sauce on the grill

St Louis Spare Ribs Done Two