How To Smoke Salmon – On a WSM

Grab your fishing pole and head to the Columbia river or Pacific Ocean for some fresh King, Sockeye, or Coho Salmon!  Or if you are just not that motivated,  just grab your car keys and head to Costco or a fresh fish market and pick up a few fillets to throw on the Smoker!

We are firm believers in the benefit of brining salmon before it goes on the smoker.  It adds flavor, and will make your salmon turn out incredibly moist.  One of our favorite brine’s is the Columbia River Salmon Brine.  Check out that page for details on how to make this brine. Place the salmon in the brine for 12 to 24 hours  Keep it in an area that will remain below 40 degrees.

Take the Salmon out of the brine.  Apply your favorite rub. We have found several rubs that we are crazy about on Salmon.  One is from Pikes Famous Seafood Market in Seattle Washington called Our Own Rub and the other is our very own Mt Saint Helen’s Ash.


Place onto the WSM (Weber Smokey Mountain) smoker at 225 degrees for approximately 2 hours.  When the Salmon flakes easily when tested with a fork it is done.  This will give you a done yet still moist smoked salmon.  Adjust your time if you like a less done salmon or longer if you prefer a dryer more jerky like smoked salmon.