Have you been wondering How to smoke ribs?  This is a great way to smoke tender, mouth watering, flavorful baby back ribs so good that you will not be able to eat just one!


1. Take ribs out of the package and lay them out on a cutting board or other working surface.

2. Remove the membrane found on the back of the rib by loosening one end, grab the loosened end with a paper towel, and carefully pull using a steady, firm pulling motion.

3. Trim any large chucks of fat or membrane that remain on the ribs.

4. Liberally apply yellow mustard to the back side of the rib.

5. Apply Mt. St. Helens Ash or rib rub of your choice.  Apply enough rub to coat the entire rib.  The backside is less important than the front, but will still add flavor when eating the rib meat off the bone.

6. Flip the rib over and repeat the process on the front side of the rib.

7. Let the ribs stand for about 30 mins in the refrigerator if you have that options.  Keeping them cool will increase the time they will absorb smoke and increase your smoke ring.

8. If you were wondering before how to smoke ribs, the answer is finally here!  Place the ribs on your pre-prepared smoker with your favorite wood.  Hickory or Cherry are amazing.

9. Try to make sure there is some buffer space between the ribs and the smoker edge.  This will help prevent burning and drying of the outer parts.  If you are smoking a lot of ribs and they will not fit on your smoker, you can use a rib rack or cut the ribs or both.   Here are some ribs on a rack cut in half to fit the Weber 18.5 inch smoker!

10. You can also place the ribs bone side down and flat on the grill if you have the room or place full size ribs in a rack.

11. Smoke at about 200-225 for about 3 hours.  You can adjust this time depending on the thickness of your ribs.  Periodically spray with apple juice or liquid of your choice.  Keeping them moist will aid in the smoke ring development.  Balance the need for spraying with the effort to maximize smoking time by not removing the lid.  Make sure the water pan remains full of liquid during the smoke.

12. At about the 3 hour mark some people may argue they look like they are about ready to come off and eat.  We are going to put another couple hours or so into the process and convert them from great ribs to drop dead amazing ribs!  Trust us on how to smoke ribs!

13. Remove the ribs from the smoker place them on a large piece of tin foil one at a time, and create a “boat” out of the foil that will hold apple juice or another liquid of your choice.

14. Seal the foil and avoid tares to allow for maximum fluid retention in the boat.  This will create moisture and steam inside the boat that will help further break down the proteins in the meat.  Place back on the smoker for about 45 mins.

15. Once the time is expired, take the ribs off the smoker and open the foil boats.  Be careful not to burn yourself from the steam from the hot fluids inside the boats.

16. Remove the Ribs, apply additional rub if desired, and place back on the smoker for 30-60 mins.  This final time will depend on how long it takes to obtain the desired texture on the bark and tenderness of the meat.  Look for receding  of the meat off the tips of the ribs and for the beginning of the meat to crack with the rib is held and slightly bent.

17. Once the ribs are done, take them off the smoker and onto a hot grill.  Brush on your choice of sauce and then allow to caramelize.  This should only take about 2 mins per side.  Then take pure maple sugar and brush on both sides of the rib.  Again allow to caramelize.  Now you know how to smoke ribs!  Remove from grill, cut, and enjoy.