How to Smoke Ribeye Roast

Cuisine: Beef
Author: Matt and Kwin
  • Ribeye Roast
  • Pasco Pepper Rub
  • Hickory Wood Chunks
  1. Don’t be cheap and go buy a Ribeye Roast.
  2. Take roast out of package
  3. Trim any loose or excessive fat
  4. Dust with Pasco Pepper Rub
  5. Place on preheated smoker with Hickory chunks at about 225 degrees
  6. Smoke until you are ten degrees before an internal temperature that matches desired doneness.
  7. Rare: Pull at 120 degrees for a target of 125-130 degrees
  8. Medium-Rare: Pull at 130 degrees for a target of 135-140 degrees
  9. Medium: Pull at 135 for a target of 140-145 degrees
  10. Medium-well: Pull at 145 degrees for a target of 150-155 degrees
  11. Well done: Go hang yourself because you just ruined a great piece of meat