How To Smoke A Turkey On A Weber Smokey Mountain


Everyone has their own “best” method for doing Smoked Turkey. We’ll admit we’ve tried all kinds of things and some work some don’t. For the sake of this post we’ll go over some standard practices for smoking turkeys. Keep in mind, there is a ton of awesome methods. You should experiment and play with different woods, rubs,┬áinjectables and brine’s. Now most people aren’t as nuts as we are, we’ll smoke 5 or so turkeys a few weeks before Thanksgiving just to do “test” turkeys to find that perfect taste. Around turkey day turkeys are cheap and it gives us a perfect chance to experiment.

It all starts with picking the right kind of bird.

One great thing you should do is separate the skin from the meat carefully and rub your favorite rub or herbs on the chicken. Doing this can cause the skin to pull back when the bird starts to cook. Use toothpicks to hold the skin back to the meat along the edges.

If you rub the outside of the turkey with a rub and presentation is important to you be careful if it has sugar in it as it will blacken and give the appearance of it being burnt.

It’s no secret that injecting the turkey is a great idea to add moisture and flavor. You will find a variety of premade turkey injections at any grocery store. Plain old butter is great too!

Another method is to brine your turkey in a liquid of salt and spices. Some say this doesn’t do much and can actually dry out the bird. We’ve found it to be a great way to enhance the flavor and have never known it to dry out a bird. Here you can find our recipe to our Northwest Turkey Brine

Our opinion is don’t stuff your turkey. It will take longer to cook. Yes, you can place some aromatics in there such and oranges or rosemary etc. but don’t stuff it so full the air can’t flow through it. Additionally some people will use tin foil to cover the wings and ends of the legs so they don’t get to black for better presentation.

In the Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker don’t use water in the water pan to help raise the temperature, shoot for a internal smoker temp of 325ish. We want to use a higher temp so the skin can lose some of it’s fat and get crispy golden brown.

You want your breasts sitting at 260 F . Make sure when testing not to get your probe to close to the bone or you will get false readings.

When you take the turkey out of the smoker there is no need to let it rest, carve it and serve it. There is a great guide on how to carve a turkey on the Huffington Post. If you have a little time to kill before dinner don’t tent it with tin foil or your skin will get soggy and that’s just nasty, don’t be nasty.

OR… There is the “Matt Method” of roasting a turkey!!!