We are going to bringing in the new year of 2013 by Smoking a bunch of meat for family and friends!  We have created this page to chronicle the all day smoke!

 Dec 30, 2012

11:00pm:  Made up the Columbia River Salmon Brine  and added two fillets of salmon to the brine.  Did not have lemon juice so replaced with lime juice.  Will see how this turns out.  Will add two more fillets in the morning.  Would have added them tonight but did not purchase them in time.

11:30pm  Due to the large amount of meat that we will be smoking in the morning, we made a double batch of Mt Saint Helens Ash Rub.  Used a Bosch mixture to help mix all of the ingredients together and take out any lumps.  Took about a half hour to make the double batch of rub.

 Dec 31, 2012

For todays BBQ, we will be using one Weber 22.5 inch smoker, and two 18.5 inch Weber Smokers.

9:00am: Started prepping the Pork Shoulders.  Cut the fat off of the fat cap side.  Injected with Apple Juice from the top side.  Rubbed the entire butt with yellow mustard.  Liberally applied Mt Saint Helens Ash Rub. Started a chimney with briquets and set up the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker.  Once the briquets were ready, placed them on the smoker using the Minion Method.  Added Hickory, apple and cherry wood chunks and allowed the smoker get up to 225 degrees.

10:30am: Placed the Pork Butts on the grill, touched up the bark with extra rub, and sprayed them down with apple juice.  The chart below shows smokers temps for the smoke.  At 2pm the temp went up because we added some briquets to counteract the cold weather the day of the smoke.

TIME         TEMP         TIME       TEMP          TIME      TEMP   Meat Temp

10:30         175             2:00        250*            8:00        225      178

11:00          225            2:30        225              9:00        215      186

11:30          225            3:00        225              10:00      200      195

12:00          210            4:00        225

12:30          200            5:00        215

1:00            200            6:00        225

1:30            200            7:00       220

11:30am:  Added Hickory, Apple and Cherry wood chunks.

12:30pm: Added Hickory, Apple and Cherry wood chunks.

1:00pm: Opened the smoker lid and strayed Pork Butts with Apple juice.

1:30pm:  A friend came over and brought a turkey to smoke.  It had be thawed but not put in a brine.  We have never done a turkey without a brine so thought this would be a great opportunity to compare the differences.  We purchased a creole turkey injection and a roasted garlic and herb injection by Tony Chachere.


2:17pm: Turkey placed on smoker with Hickory and Apple wood chunks.

2:30pm: Prepared ribs to go on the third smoker using Mount St. Helens Ash.  Prepared a total of 6 ribs.

3:00pm: Ribs placed on smoker with Cherry, Apple,  and Hickory wood chunks.

3:30 Added Hickory, Apple and Cherry wood chunks.

4:30 Flipped and rotated Pork Butts, added Mount St. Helens Ash and sprayed with Apple Juice

6:00 Pulled ribs off smoker and crutched.

6:15 Placed crutched ribs back on smoker.  Turkey was reading 160 degrees in the breast and was removed from the smoker, and wrapped in two layers of foil.  It was then wrapped in two bath towels, and placed in an empty Colman cooler to allow to rest.

6:30 Place 4 Salmon fillets on the top level of the 22.5 inch Weber.  Utilized second removable rack to fit all 4 filets on the upper dome portion of the smoker.  Two filets had Mount St. Helens Ash and the other two had Pikes Street Market rub.  Alder, hickory, and apple wood was added to the smoker.  Smoker temp was 225 degrees.

7:00 Chicken wing segments were place on two separate levels of the 18.5 inch Weber.  There were so many wings that it was a very tight fit.  Once on the grills, Mount St. Helens Ash  lightly sprinkled on the wings. These were smoked with hickory, cherry , and apple .

7:15 Crutched ribs were taken off the smoker, unwrapped, touched up with rub, lightly sprayed with apple juice, and placed on a 6 segment rib rack.  If we would have had the room, we would not have used the rack in this step but because of room issues this is how we put them on the smoker.

8:00  Placed sweet peppers stuffed with mild Italian sausage onto smoker smoked with Hickory, Cherry , and Apple.

8:15 Ribs were removed from smoker and place on the pre-heated gas grill.  We chose three different sauces for this night.  We had a root beer BBQ sauce, a Bourbon BBQ sauce, and a Jack Daniels sauce.  Sauces were applied, then allowed to caramelize for about 2 mins.  Pure Maple Syrup was then applied with a brush to  both sides and again allowed to caramelize for about 2 mins per side.  Ribs were then removed, cut into individual servings (thanks Adam) and placed into the serving warmer.

8:30 Salmon was tested and determined to be done smoking.  Filets were removed from smoker rack and placed in a serving tray for guests.

8:30 The turkey which had been wrapped and resting was now sliced and place in the warmer.







9:00  Chicken wings were done on the smoker and ready for the deep fryer.  They were placed in the fryer basket for 5 minutes, drained, and placed in a bowl to be tossed in sauce.  We chose Frank’s Wing Sauce and Noh Hawaiian BBQ sauce for the wings.





9:00 One of the pork butts was removed and wrapped with foil to rest.

9:30 Pulled pork was pulled, added a little bit of Stubs bbq sauce and placed in the warmer.

We made homemade root beer in an old stainless steel milk jug by using sugar, dry ice, water, and root beer concentrate.  We will post more about how to make that in a future post.  Looks like one of the little ones found the keg and had a little too much!


Guests were treated to a smorgasbord of tasty smoked meats and great sides that guests provided.  What a great way to bring in the New Year!  Thanks to everyone who came and was involved!  Thanks Kwin and Sarah for being very gracious and generous hosts.