3lbs Hamburger (For best results use 85/15 ground sirloin)

1 TBS Morton Tender-quick Meat Cure (1 1/2 tea per 1LBS of meat)

3 TEA Whole Mustard Seeds

1 TBS Black Pepper

1 TBS Granulated Garlic

1 1/2 TBS of Minced or Chopped Garlic

3 TBS Worcestershire Sauce

3-4 TBS of Honey


In a large bowl combine the beef, curing salt, Worcestershire, ground pepper, mustard seed, minced garlic and granulated garlic. Blend it all together and mix until the ingredients are distributed evenly throughout the meat. Then place it in the fridge covered in plastic wrap for 24 hours.

Once the meat has cured for 24 hours pull it out of the fridge and form into the “summer sausage logs”, re-wrap in plastic wrap air tight and place back into the fridge for another 24 hours.

After 48 hours of curing drizzle and coat the outside of the summer sausage with honey then your ready to smoke. Start the Traeger with Maple, Hickory or Apple pellets. Once lit place the summer sausage on the grill and leave on the smoke setting for 4-5 hours. Then place a thermometer down the center of one of the sausages and turn the heat up to 180 degrees.

It will take about an hour for the meat to raise in temp to 170 at which point its done. Allow the sausage to cool down before serving. For a spicy summer sausage recipe click here!