Did you know, that we are the original beer can chicken creators? Really! Ok no, but we like to use the method…

Beer can chicken can

Using a can opener, place additional holes in can for venting moisture.

Beer can chicken prep

After thoroughly washing your chicken, cover outside of chicken with your favorite rub.  You can also shove some up it’s hole!

Beer can chicken prep 2
Experiment with different rubs to find the one that makes your bird squirt with pleasure!

Beer can chicken on the grill

Prepare your smoker at a temperature between 225 and 250 degrees.  We used mesquite for this particular smoke.  Once the smoker is prepared, add the stand with the violated chicken to your smoker.  Touch up with additional rub if desired.

Beer can chicken sparying

Every half hour, get your meat wet with your favorite sauce or fluid. We ran out of our famous white sauce so we settled for some apple juice

Beer can chicken vegis

We do not like to waste smoker space, so think of something amazing to take up the free space….How about chorizo stuffed peppers?

Beer can chicken doneYour chicken is choked when it reaches a temperature of 160°F in the breast, 170°F in the thigh.